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Scrum Master

What Is a Scrum Master & Why Should You Use ?

What is a Scrum Master?  Originally from the word “Scrutinum,” which is Latin for “washer,” Scrum is a methodology for managing and organizing the development process. Originally, Scrum was developed to help relieve the burden of mediocre programmers by implementing quality standards and requirements on the project teams. Description: The term Scrum was first used …

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What is Waterfall Methodology

The Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall methodology is a methodology of project management that evaluates project requirements by identifying and analyzing the existing opportunities for progress in the projects. The waterfall methodologies are applied by a number of disciplines and include communication, engineering, construction, and management. It is an effective management tool because it has a systematic approach that allows …

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Lean Six Sigma

Introducing Lean Six Sigma

Watch is Lean Six Sigma Before talking about Lean Six Sigma, Let’s understand what is Six Sigma. The official name for Six Sigma is “Quality Improvement Through Collaboration.” Invented by American designer Bill Smith during his career at Motorola in early 1986, Six Sigma is an ensemble of tools and techniques for improving process improvement throughout …

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Scrum Master

Why Scrum is Useful in the Agile Era? Scrum Usage

Scrum Usage: A description of Agile software development is very essential for understanding agile concepts and what it implies. In software engineering, agile concepts involve finding needs and developing products and solutions through a collaborative effort among various team members and their respective customers/end users. Agile software development is also known as the Scrum method …

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